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Spanaway, WA

spanaway is a hole - 9/3/2010
spanaway sucks and is a hell hole. i work at walmart and i have sceen the people that come in and out all the time. all the drugies, criminals, shootings, parting poor people low lifes. we have run outs usually of beer all the time at our store. i have sceen fights many times here. we have even had a gang shooting. 4 out of 10 for crime, ha. more like a 7 or 8 like lakewood, tacoma and seattle. all the people that i talk to seem to agree. most good people that do live here know you dont go outside at night time especially if you are a girl. and might be a good investment if you do live here to buy a bullet proof vest.

Tacoma, WA

re: re: - 11/28/2009
- 9/3/2010
stay in calfornia. we dont need any more cali people messing up this part of the country. washington sucks and has no friendly people living here and is second to calfornia when it comes to drugs.

Tacoma, WA

re: 28 year former resident - 1/23/2010
- 9/3/2010
this place is a hell hole. there maybe some places worse but not many. tacoma has the most serial killers then any other city and a big crime a drug problem. washington is second to calfornia to pot production, the singles mother capital of the world and the most unreligious place in the country. if you are looking for a good place to live look somewhere eles then west coast. if you do live here might be a good investment to buy a bullet proof vest.

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