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Los Angeles, CA

Pros & Cons listed - 9/28/2021
Ahhh where to begin? Long summary so bare with me. Born and raised in this ****hole, after 25 years finally getting close to be able to move state as I dreamed, as I've been to Oklahoma, Nevada, and New York I have some experience with the outside world. Now off the bat I'ma tell you it depends on YOU as an INDIVIDUAL why you would move here or not. So I'm not gonna tell you you should move here or not cus it just depends on you and your lifestyle, but I will tell you the bad and the good. So first off the bad, if you're pro gun, pro American, anti tax, pro freedom this IS NOT the place for you. It's very political, very messy, very strict, and very EXPENSIVE, also very polluted so if you have bad lungs/allergies this isn't it. If you never lived in a big metropolitan city you don't know what traffic or bad driving means, rabid squirrels who somehow got their driver's licenses while on coke reign on these streets and they do NOT CARE about you. Last bad thing off the top of my head is a bad/good thing depending on you, WEATHER. The only word to describe it is "bipolar" like the people (I'm bipolar so I don't mean it disrespectfully just a joke). You can't predict it you can't schedule for it, it does what it wants when it wants. Only thing is we don't really get seasons, it's either sun or clouds, hot and/or rain. In some spots we get the leaves to change colors but that's about it. Now THE GOOD, or so I believe, of course these are my opinions but I try to say things most ppl who wanna come here would like, or unique stuff. Convenience, if you never been in a metropolitan city you don't know convenience, every corner there's a store for basically anything you need, sometimes the same type of stores on one block. Food is EVERYWHERE you can try from all over the world. There's also tonnssss of events, so basically if you're an extrovert/very social person, it would be a dream for you. Also of course entertainment is the moto, if you wanna get into showbiz, or just love entertainment in general this is candy land. One last thing, racism is everywhere in the world so don't think it's any better here, you could be white/Asian/black/Hispanic (which mind you we have A LOT of since we're very diverse) but for some reason you still get in the wrong neighborhood that doesn't pertain to your color and you will be profiled, by people or cops, so just try to stay in more mixed areas if that scares you(which for some new folk they mistakingly don't get scared, doesn't mean **** isn't happening to them). Also I call it a police state although not literal, the cops in Los Angeles county are some of the most corrupt and non chalant, though not all, most. So yea! Basically if non of that bothers you then you're in for a treat, or if you just like being indoors but for whatever reason you wanna be in Cali, that works too. I can't list everything as we'd be here for hours, but hopefully I helped some! For me personally if I could I'd rate this place 0 stars and return the city to hell where it belongs. Thanks

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