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Omaha, NE

Negative stars if I could - 7/14/2018
If I could give negative stars not just for Omaha but the whole entire state of nebraska I definitely would. The only reason people are saying good things about nebraska is because they're native. They're brainwashed and this is all they know. I happen not to be Nebraska native. And very fortunate to claim so. Nebraska is not the heartland at all for anything good PERIOD. They are the heart land yes, for getting screwed over by everyone and ending up homeless. The job market is awful and pays horrid. The renting/housing here is ridiculously outrageous. The cost of renting a run down shack/project is insane. The landlords and companies you rent from are absolutely corrupt. They will also screw you over. Have simple charges on your record? Well live on the streets for 10 years waiting to get a place. Own a bike and ride it? Pray to God you don't end up dead 2 seconds after driving. The cost of living here is so ridiculously expensive that a high paying job without required education won't cut it. You'll need 4 roommates to afford living period. That's making 2 grand a month after taxes. Got a new car? Well be prepared to be in and out of the shop every week because the roads don't get fixed and screw up your suspension. The roads here are awful. They call patching holes, "fixing" the road. Where I'm from, they rip the whole high way up and put a new one down. Let's talk about how bad the road rage is here. Pray you don't get beat up or shot. Doesn't matter what part of Omaha you're in, the crime is awful period. Not to mention the people here. Thee rudest. Oh you met a really nice cool friend? Don't be shocked or offended when they go around bashing you. That's normal here. Make sure you don't say anything personal because that will get around to EVERYONE. Oh your boyfriends family is cool? They talk about you to everyone including their own family members. No one here is honest or real. Friends bad mouth others. Family bashes family. EVERYONE screws EVERYONE over. Family and friends steal from you. Random people are rude and will start drama for no reason. You like eating out? Well don't get mad or offended when the cashier or waiter is fighting with you and talking crap to your face and other customers where you can hear them. The customer is never right and the cashier never gets fired. They will even beat up their boss in front of others and probably beat up the customer as well. Very normal here. They like to steal your money too. Worst drivers ever. Bikers die daily due to bad drivers. That's normal. Car crashes on every block it seems. Normal. Drugs are awful here. You'll be lucky if you find someone who isn't abusing something and if they don't, they'll back stabbed you anyways. The medical system here is corrupt. I've met so many narcissists that I can't even keep track. Everyone is better all around than everyone else here. I can't even go on. There's just so many things bad about this state. Not just Omaha. When you move to nebraska you feel like you haven't graduated high school and you gave to start all over. People here care about materialistic crap and no one else. They have the zoo? Cool. That's the only thing they have. I've been living here for almost 3 years and got tired of living here after 6 months. I'm to the point I don't even go anywhere let alone leave the house because of how rude, disrespectful and nasty people are here. Plus the summers here are nasty. Most uneducated people on top if that nebraska has the worst ranking school systems here. The people here are not that smart. And the funny thing is, they think they know everything. Anything you want to know, ask. I'll tell you.

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