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Santa Barbara, CA

SB for young families - 8/19/2019
I moved here in 1988 to start a family. 3 grown children later, still here.
Not an easy town to make it in, to be sure. I had a business here, producing art and a gallery, for 10 years. I didn't make very much money, and raising three youngsters as a single mom was ROUGH.
However, this town LOVES kids! Lots of things to do for free...education, (schools, parks, programs, Jr. Lifeguards, sports) enrichment (courthouse, sunken garden movies, Zoo memberships) entertainment (BEACH, kids world, Alice Keck park) and climate.
Downside: Rich entitled kids, who get brand new range rovers for birthdays in high school. Haves and have-not schism is like the grand canyon. If you aren't a billionaire , your kids will feel poor.
Is that a bad thing? I don't know. My kids turned out great, all successful adults with great jobs. We scrapped it out. We were homeless for a while. But, Meh...we did it! I don't regret one second.
My kids still love coming "home" to see me and kick around their home town with their own kids.
I think over all, this is a terrific place, THE BEST ...especially for young families with a creative outlook and ambition. I'm still here...and planning on staying for the rest of my life. Look beyond the haters.
I'm sure I'll get bashed for my opinion, but it's my true experience.
Thanks for hearing me out.

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