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Hilliard, OH

Like all good things.. It's over.. - 7/15/2019
I have been here now since 2005, and in that time i have seen the city change a lot, it used to be quiet here, homes were cheap, and income was good compared to cost of living. Like all good things, this ended.. The cost of living has tripled in the past 14 years, the income has stayed the same, but with all the building the job market size has stayed the same, as a result you may find a job for 80k a year, but after you have to fight with the folks getting out of college, fight with all the people who have moved here.. You are making 50K and the cost of living has tripled.. All in all It's not as good as it used to be...

Good things are:
The school systems are rated highly, it's pretty clean here, and traffic while it's worse than years ago, it's still no where near as bad as NYC, Boston, or DC..

Bad things are:
There's no gun laws, and everyone is stupid..
There's no cell phone laws, everyone text and drives, no one pays any attention to the road, and it's lethal to ride a motorcycle here.
There's no real public transportation, and in the winter they use so much salt on the roads cars will rot to pieces well before they aren't capable of running any longer.
The weather here is crap, we have tornado's, hail, snow, ice, it feels dark and gloomy a lot and in the summer between end of june and end of august it's so hot and dry you can't go outside..

The Good thing..
You are about 10min from the middle of nowhere..
There's actually a lot of great restaurants..
There's a lot of parks, and bike paths
Your tax dollars are spent to actually do good things in the community, schools, roads, sidewalks, events.. etc..
Speaking of taxes, you really get a lot of services for your money, and taxes here are pretty cheap.. My taxes are about 1/7th the cost of what they were on the east coast..


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