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Washington, DC

It was time to leave. - 3/3/2020
Parts are beautiful but alot is rundown and ghetto. They always show the monuments and upper nw neighborhoods but never show hoods across the Anacostia River. Crime is still an issue. Also the people are a little stuck up, snooty and pretentious. The winter and summer weather sucks. So glad I left.

Los Angeles, CA

40 years ago maybe..
- 2/28/2020
40 years ago it was horrible. The air pollution was 10x worse. Crime was 20x worse. Public transportation was almost nonexistent. Downtown was an embarrassment. LA is so much better now.

Los Angeles, CA

I love LA - 2/28/2020
My favorite city in the U.S. Fantastic cultural amenities. Fantastic food from around the world. Great shopping. Lots of interesting architecture and history. The best weather in the world. Endless Pacific Ocean at your feet. Great music city. Year around beautiful flowers and gardens. Multi-cultural. The absolute best city for year around outdoor activities. Fantastic hiking areas. I honestly can not imagine living anywhere else.

Los Angeles, CA

re: LA LA Land
- 5/27/2018
I love LA. I drive less here than when I lived in both Seattle and Washington DC. The idea in any city is live close to your job. I live 10 minutes from my job which truly makes a difference. You say public transportation is nonexistent here? Are you kidding me?

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