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Kingman, AZ

Living in Kingman - 9/1/2016
Absolutely the worst place to live. The health care is nothing more than a greed corporation as there is one hospital here and they run every aspect of your health care(a misnomer if there ever was one)6 pap smears 4 mammograms and a lot of fear and anxiety later I went to another DR.in another state and have since refused to go to any DR. or facility here that is associated with KRMC and they all are because I found out that my pap and mammo came back normal and have since gotten them elsewhere.The air quality is horrible because this place is surrounded by mine's(copper etc.) and when the wind blow's which it does frequently those chemicals are what you are breathing and NO oversite on air or water quality or little. Because they (corrupt)politicians are letting hay farm's come in they are using up all of the ground water it is estimated that this place will run out of water in 2-3 year's. Education is a joke they rank at the bottom.Hot,dry and absolutely nothing to do here unless you travel for 4-5 hours. Do extensive checking before you move try to get past the" small town,route66,cheap"hype and dig deep. If you are on S.S or have children you better be prepared for nothing for your children to do and for seniors be prepared for high medical,rent and groceries. I have nothing good to say about this place so I am moving ASP.Corruption,greed,and everything bad including high drug abuse.


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