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Portland, OR

Moved from Tx to Portland love portland! - 10/14/2020
Moved here to portland, recently, from houston texas. I was lucky to have lived in a trans friendly area in texas (Montrose) but new landlord decided to “remodel” a few apartments ( in the middle of a pandemic because apparently that’s the best time to kick people out who’ve never missed a days tent in 20years) and of course Texas doesn’t protect renters at all so we were SOL. Decided since the trucks already packed, and Texas is so repressive to trans people , to keep on moving and moved on to Portland!... and so far so good! I’m not far from downtown (nob hill) but it’s quite peaceful here, I know downtown is a little crazy right now and most just wish the cops would stop being so brutal and rioting every night and tear gassing neighborhoods where people are trying to sleep. And Most I’ve met just wish the racists and fascists would stop coming from their redneck towns stirring up crap in portland (where they don’t live. ) And that police would learn the meaning of the word “ de-escalation “ But other than that, I’ve had a great time, the people are really nice, things are a little unusual I’m sure because of the pandemic,and you know, recognition of a system broken and rigged against minorities (and Black people especially) but people still manage to be nice , whiLe also standing up for equality and what’s right. Yah some people go a bit far, and the more just the cause and the longer this plays out, the more will feel justified in doing so. As anyone who has ever picked up a history book knows , American protest have had a long history of being a bit rowdy. Especially the ones that accomplish something. (from the Boston tea party forward) And I think once people wake up, push back the racism and Fascism That permeates our criminal justice system and politics, recognize that nazis are bad like we did in ww2, then tear the fascists down, then all the plywood All around the country will come down, and portland (and hopefully this country as a whole) will be even better and more equitable for it. And unlike many people rating portland as low because of what’s going on the news and in politics, I actually live here now. And this is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen. It’s so green, the geography is beautiful, and so many bridges, Beautiful parks, and all the natural beauty you could want within close driving distance. Maybe in a few years my mind will Change, but so far so good. I’ve been happy in my short 6months here.

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