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lived in a lot of places. prefer "country" life. big city folks seem to have more trouble with the "common courtesies"...as though they've forgotten them. no matter where I've lived, the people are generally friendly---if you are. if you think the people you meet are rude, arrogant or whatever-look to yourself and the "baggage" and attitude you brought to the meeting. expect to see your attitude reflected back at you. of course there are A-holes anywhere but they are the small minority. Don't be one.


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Edgewood, NM

Good neighbors - 8/23/2010
When we moved to the area many years ago, our neighbors came and introduced themselves. For the most part, we have left each other alone since then---unless we or they need help. Then any of our neighbors have not hesitated to be of whatever assistance they could. That's the description of good neighbors. The people are mostly independent natured. They expect to deal with their problems on their own, to be self sufficient. In public places they are unfailingly friendly---more than merely polite. People here smile at each other, hold doors for each other (even strangers) and all the other things that used to be considered "common courtesy". But this is the West and questions by strangers which are considered too personal or intrusive are not looked on favorably. Nor are people who ask them. It's a matter of respect for the privacy of others and them for yours. I have never yet approached any person here with a smile and been met with anything but friendliness. It is an honest place and you'll get what you give...in attitude and actions. Many of us don't even bother with locking up cars and houses since crime is nearly nonexistent. It's a wonderful place to live. Having lived in many parts of the country, I can say that with some authority. We have a true four seasons and a nearly perfect combination of city and rural living with Albuquerque nearby and Santa Fe not much farther for more cultural activities. If you love the outdoors either to be in it or just to look at, you desire low volume life (quiet without sirens and traffic noise) and neighbors who respect your privacy and expect no more than that from you then this is a great place to live. There are activities for those who want them. Horse related activities are varied and growing. There are farmer's markets, clubs and secular as well as various church groups for many interests. ("Indignant" brought her/his own idignation and showed it so got it mirrored back at him/her. I've never seen it here without good cause.)

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