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Beavercreek, OH

cycling heaven, but locals quite xenophobic - 2/19/2019
native east coast-er; i lived in northern ky for 8 years up to '13, and found the locals quite xenophobic in nature. "what high school did you go to?" made me chuckle. boy could you hear crickets when i replied that i grew up in southeastern pa. i learned quickly that all who ask that (nearly all locals) have never lived outside of the tri-state. ha! this is state #14 i've lived in, so i'm a de facto expert on rating these things. i moved to beavercreek to enjoy the bike trails that i fell in love with in my n. ky days, when i trekked up here on weekends, bike in the back of my pickup.

although i'm enjoying cycling heaven, i am still shaking my head @the anti-social nature of the midwest. interestingly though, is that some locals i've met in other areas of dayton metro condemn beavercreek as being even anti-social to them! well, it sure is quiet here though, and i'm fortunate enough to work within a 5 minute walk from my home. don't anticipate making any friends, or even being spoken to by my neighbors per usual, but i sure do sleep well here and enjoy the neighborhood otherwise. it's a wonderful mix of food retail and quiet, safe residential near n. fairfield and u.s. 35. still, i'll take the 1st good career opportunity train outta town-i'm not ready to retire yet!

Louisville, KY

no safe driving nor cycling - 8/24/2018
loo-vll was my home for all of 2016, thanks to a desired job transfer. for a small city compared to so many large ones i've lived in (l.a., atlanta, houston), it sure has a lot of traffic congestion. one can bet on a bad wreck on the watterson expwy @breckenridge just about every day @evening rush hour. how did the wrecked cars get into the positions that i saw them in when i crawled on by? folks not desirous to make friends; i only knew the first name of 1 person in the entire apartment building the whole year that i lived there-and i'm hardly shy. they went out of their way to avoid contact-it was weird. no bicycle trails to speak of; i'm quite the cycling enthusiast, but once i started to work from home, i blew this steamy hot dump to move to dayton, oh the cycling trail mecca of the u.s.!

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