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Sheridan, WY

re: The has been town
- 10/31/2017
Pretty spot on assessment actually.

Sheridan, WY

re: Better be rich
- 10/31/2017
This is quite spot on.

Sheridan, WY

Recent transplant. Good and bad stuff. - 10/31/2017
Hoping that my point of view as a recent transplant to Sheridan, may help others. I came here from big cities having lived in Las Vegas and Orange County. I knew in advance the small size and limited resources of Sheridan, so I was not completely ignorant upon arrival. However there were a few surprises I didn't expect. Good ol' boy network. Not in the traditional sense, but more of a "If you're not wealthy and from here, you won't go far" type of way. There is a serious lack of diversity in just about every way possible. From culturally to commerce the town lacks greatly in it's diversification. In the last 6 months we've lost 5 retailers. KMart, JC Penny's, Boot Barn and a small clothing store, Rue21. There's a Wal-Mart that seemed to have gobbled up numerous other retailers over the years as well.

Dining options are somewhat limited and those options by and large have some of the worst customer service you'll ever encounter. The talent pool for employers in town is incredibly shallow, almost a puddle. Housing is cripplingly high for the quality of homes available. So much so that a single income family making under 100k can't begin to afford a decent home unless they are gifted a large inheritance or have deep, deep roots in town.

There are numerous parks, greenbelts and nature areas that are gorgeous. Schools are very, very good with some of the highest per student spending in the country. For such a family oriented town, there is surprisingly little to do for children from ages 5-18. One ice rink, one dilapidated roller rink, one movie theatre, a bowling alley and a YMCA.

Jobs are quite scarce until the mining/natural gas fields ramp back up. Wages for existing jobs are pretty stale and do not reflect the high cost of living. Shopping is poor to somewhat fair, with decent shopping a minimum of 1.5 hrs away north or south of us.

If you're a sportsman this is paradise though. Hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, boating possibilities are endless.

Nightlife is non existent unless you want to sit at a tavern until close, which is midnight or earlier in most places. DUI's are almost a badge of honor here which is sad if you are an employer that needs to insure its workers.

Winters are long and bitter and you better have indoor projects to do or you'll probably be making babies, which isn't always a bad thing.

Clean, quiet, microscopic crime rate, conservative almost to a fault, mired in old days thinking and fearful of change. Great schools, great outdoor lifestyle, beautiful scenery and wildlife galore.

Needs more shopping, dining and entertainment options and a considerable shake up at the city official and city council level to embrace change and set Sheridan up for the future. It's on the verge of being really great just needs some progressive thinking to get it there.

Boise, ID

re: These reviews always have some subjectivity?
- 10/31/2017
This was really a great review. I appreciate the personalization because you humanized the review a little. We've had a family wide plan to all one day relocate to the Boise/Meridian area so this helps in my due diligence research.

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