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San Diego, CA

Beautiful Place, Too Crowded and Expensive. - 7/1/2022
I have lived in San Diego since 1968 and I am now almost 62 years old. I love San Diego, I really do. But it has become so crowded and so expensive over the years. It is, for the most part, a beautiful city. There are some bad areas, but that is the case any where, and I avoid those areas. Perfect weather, great night life, and a rich cultural scene, close to both Mexico and Los Angeles, as well as mountains and the desert; it really has a lot going for it. But unless you make a great living and don't mind crowds, it might not be for you. I am planning on moving out of state in the next several years and I am really going to miss San Diego, but I can't afford to purchase a home here. My parent's purchased the house I grew up in back in 1972 for $35,000. Today, that same 54 year old house (built in 1968) is valued at over $800,000, and that is with no improvements to speak of. Ridiculous. And rents here are no better. A one bedroom apartment built in the 60's will set you back around $2,000 a month. Haste la Vista, San Diego; it was nice knowing you.

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