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Ocean Springs, MS

23 years too many - 11/22/2010
I lived in Ocean Springs for over 20 years. We raised a family and now that they've grown, we quickly moved as far away from that place as we could. The CONs are too many to list them all. The people are snobs and rude to each other and everyone. There is NO Southern Hospitality to speak of on the Gulf Coast especially in OS. The season is extremely Hot & Humid and last almost year round. And unless you Drink excessively, Fish, Boating, Gamble next door at Biloxi or wait for one of the every other month, street fairs that closedown the town from Porter to Washington then there is NOTHING to do in OS or on the Coast of Mississippi. The coast only has one minor league Hockey Team for sports, some pretty good concerts but for a very unenthusiastic & unappreciative crowd most of the time. But the worst part of Ocean Springs is that it’s divided into two different cities. There’s the Artist crowd who gets all the attention from City Hall and that mafia style group called the OS Chamber and then there’s the “Other Ocean Springs” people who don’t amount to anything in their eyes. HWY90 is almost a parking lot every day to get anywhere. Downtown is far from historic it’s just old and you’re lucky to catch one of the quaint little overpriced artsy-fartsy shops actually OPEN during working hours downtown and if Mayor Moran has her way then all of Downtown OS will be one bar after another. It’s like a freak view of Bourbon Street down there with drunks staggering out into the streets breaking bottles all hours of the night. PROS: Really nice boardwalk down on Front-beach, Beautiful Bridge going to Biloxi, Festivals are fun but pricy, National Seashore Park is nice, but that’s really about it.

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