Corvallis, OR 

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Economy in Corvallis, OR

Corvallis, OR is an attractive city for those looking for a change of scenery. It offers a variety of local companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Oregon State University. The cost of living in Corvallis is relatively low in comparison to other cities, with the median 2-bedroom rent being $1,420 compared to the US median 2-bedroom rent of $1,430. Additionally, groceries are slightly cheaper here than in the rest of the country; with a grocery cost index of 102 versus 100 in the US. Overall, Corvallis provides residents with an affordable option to live in without sacrificing quality or amenities.

Corvallis has an unemployment rate of 4.7%. The US average is 6.0%.

Corvallis has seen the job market increase by 0.1% over the last year. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 40.1%, which is higher than the US average of 33.5%.

Tax Rates for Corvallis
- The Sales Tax Rate for Corvallis is 0.0%. The US average is 7.3%.
- The Income Tax Rate for Corvallis is 9.0%. The US average is 4.6%.
- Tax Rates can have a big impact when Comparing Cost of Living.

Income and Salaries for Corvallis
- The average income of a Corvallis resident is $25,002 a year. The US average is $28,555 a year.
- The Median household income of a Corvallis resident is $58,315 a year. The US average is $69,021 a year.


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  • Unemployment Rate (US Avg: 6%)
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    Reviews for Corvallis    21 Reviews
    Save yourself a trip.... - 7/2/2021
    I just made a trip to Corvallis to browse the town, go to places of interest and get a feel for the place I was considering to move and buy a home. OMGosh, I could not... Read More

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    Fresh as a daisy growing in an outhouse! - 2/22/2021
    I have lived here 30 yrs and it is great especially if you like extortion, fraud, theft, back biting, a police force that has no respect for you or your rights, a... Read More

    82.53% Hispanic? <~~~ This site is a fraud and not - 8/10/2013
    This is the third or fourth time I've come to this site to find reliable stats and have found blatant mistakes. Also, why can't I leave a comment about 'people'? Thank... Read More

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