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Sunny Isles Beach, FL is a small beach community located in Miami-Dade County. The local education in Sunny Isles Beach is highly rated by various organizations and publications. According to BestPlaces, the city has an overall A+ rating for its public schools. Additionally, the Education Week Research Center also ranked Sunny Isles Beach as having some of the best schools in the state with an impressive 6 out of 10 score. With these high ratings, parents can be sure that their children are getting a great education when attending school in this city. The local education system is well-funded and has numerous educational resources such as Advanced Placement classes, after-school programs, and extracurricular activities. Moreover, there are several private schools available in the area which offer a good education option for parents who desire to provide their kids with an alternative educational experience. All of these factors combine to make Sunny Isles Beach one of the best places in Florida to receive a quality education.

Sunny Isles Beach schools spend $9,613 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 17 pupils per teacher, 1,270 students per librarian, and 488 children per counselor.

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