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Pleasanton, MI is a small town located in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. The local education system provides quality instruction for students of all ages, with a focus on fostering strong academics and social growth. Pleasanton schools have consistently been rated as some of the best in the state, with high test scores and exemplary teaching staffs. The educational resources available to students are excellent, allowing them to gain a strong foundation in mathematics, science, language arts, and other core subjects. Additionally, Pleasanton also offers programs such as music and art to support students’ creativity and interests. With an emphasis on providing an excellent educational experience for all students regardless of their background or ability level, Pleasanton is committed to ensuring every student has access to quality education.

Pleasanton schools spend $9,676 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 20 pupils per teacher, 0 students per librarian, and 1,076 children per counselor.

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