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The education in Camp Release, MN is highly rated by many sources. There are several excellent elementary, middle, and high schools located in the area providing quality education to children of all ages. The schools offer rigorous academic programs as well as extracurricular activities and clubs that promote learning and encourage exploration outside of the classroom. The district also provides resources such as libraries, media centers, computer labs, and other technology-based services for students to utilize both during school hours and after school. In addition to a strong focus on academics, the local education system also puts an emphasis on developing social-emotional skills throughout each student's educational journey. Overall, the education in Camp Release offers an enriching environment for young minds to cultivate their knowledge and skills while building self-confidence in themselves as learners.

Camp Release schools spend $13,118 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 15 pupils per teacher, 512 students per librarian, and 1,327 children per counselor.

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