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The education in Newark, NJ is highly rated and has been a focus of the city for many years. The Newark Public Schools district includes over 60 schools, each of which provides an innovative learning environment and support to students at all levels. The district has received numerous awards for excellence and strives to provide high quality education. Local organizations provide additional educational opportunities for students, such as after school programs, tutoring services, and special needs programs. The community is also actively involved in supporting local schools with events and activities designed to help students achieve their academic goals. Newark is known for its commitment to providing quality education that meets the needs of all its students.

Newark schools spend $33,467 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 11 pupils per teacher, 870 students per librarian, and 335 children per counselor.

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Over 3 years ago

Newark is straight garbage.  More

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Newark's Ironbound is extremely dangerous, there is a lot of crime, the police are just good at hiding it. It usually doesn't happen on Ferry St., but does 1/2 block  More

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Over 11 years ago

I have worked and lived in Newark for 20 years. I raised 3 children. Two of my children went on to college, graudated with Accountant Degree and the other one in  More

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