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Catskill, NY is a small city located in Greene County with a population of around 4,400. It is nestled in the Catskill Mountains and offers its residents a unique, rural lifestyle. Education is an important part of life in this area and there are several great options available to students. The school district rates highly and provides students with quality educational opportunities. The local schools are well-equipped to help children learn and thrive, offering curriculums that promote critical thinking, problem solving skills, personal development, and creative expression. With dedicated teachers and staff members who strive to ensure each student achieves their full academic potential, education in the Catskills is sure to give your child the tools they need for success.

Catskill schools spend $21,904 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 12 pupils per teacher, 801 students per librarian, and 401 children per counselor.

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