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Riverton, UT is a small city in the state of Utah that is known for its excellent educational opportunities. The school district boasts strong ratings from independent organizations, with many schools demonstrating excellence in academic performance and student growth. In addition to these high ratings, the local education system also places a strong emphasis on providing access to advanced learning opportunities and extracurricular activities. Riverton, UT strives to provide students with an environment where they can grow and challenge themselves academically regardless of their socio-economic background. With high expectations for academic achievement as well as numerous resources available in the community, Riverton, UT provides a wonderful environment for students to learn and reach their full potential.

Riverton schools spend $6,740 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 24 pupils per teacher, 3,527 students per librarian, and 812 children per counselor.

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Over 14 years ago

Riverton has a great view of the mountains to both the East and West. It has a small town feel, but you are in close proximity to a number of major retail stores. The  More

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