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Litchfield County, Connecticut is a great place to live and educate children. The local education is highly rated, providing parents with peace of mind when enrolling their children for schooling. Quality schools in the area strive to provide educational excellence through a combination of rigorous academics, enrichment activities, and extra-curricular opportunities. These schools are not only well-respected in the county but around the state as well. With an emphasis on preparing students for higher education and success outside of school, parents can rest assured that their child's education is being taken seriously. Moreover, Litchfield County provides numerous resources and programs to help support students throughout their educational journey. From early intervention programs to college preparation courses, there is something available for everyone no matter what age or grade level they are in. Ultimately, Litchfield County offers excellent opportunities for students to receive quality education right at home.

Litchfield County schools spend $18,137 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 12 pupils per teacher, 297 students per librarian, and 282 children per counselor.

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