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The education in the Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT Metro Area is highly rated and well respected. Students attend schools that are known for their rigorous academic preparation and competitive atmosphere. The area offers a wide variety of public and private school options, including several magnet schools and charter schools. In addition, many of the local higher education institutions offer a wide range of degree programs that will prepare students for success in their professional careers. Despite its relatively small size, the area also has an impressive selection of after-school activities, such as music and art classes, sports teams, as well as volunteer opportunities that contribute to the development of a well-rounded student body. All in all, the Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford region serves as an ideal place to pursue educational opportunities.

Hartford-East Hartford-Middletown Metro Area schools spend $18,199 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 12 pupils per teacher, 461 students per librarian, and 504 children per counselor.

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