Zip 06114 (Hartford, CT) Education


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Education in the 06114 Hartford, CT area is highly rated. Students attend a variety of public and private schools with an emphasis on providing quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. High school students have access to advanced placement courses, college-level classes, honors courses, and other academic opportunities that will help them excel in college and beyond. With a local education system committed to providing 21st century skills and knowledge needed for success in college and career readiness, there is no wonder why so many families choose to reside in this area. The population of the 06114 Hartford area is growing each year, due mainly to its excellent educational opportunities for children of all ages. Parents can take comfort knowing that their children will be receiving quality educational instruction from experienced teachers with curriculum designed to help them become successful adults.

Hartford (zip 06114) schools spend $24,074 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 13 pupils per teacher, 1,390 students per librarian, and 599 children per counselor.

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