Zip 06351 (Jewett City, CT) Education


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Jewett City, CT 06351 is located in the New London County and offers a great education to its residents. According to the school ratings, it has achieved excellent scores in their educational performance. The local schools are well-equipped with modern facilities and highly qualified teachers who strive to provide students with an enriching learning experience. Moreover, the schools in Jewett City take extra efforts to keep up with the changing trends of education so that each student can get the best education possible. Along with rigorous academic programs, there are also several extracurricular activities that students can participate in to broaden their knowledge and hone their skills. All these make Jewett City’s public education system one of the best in Connecticut.

Jewett City (zip 06351) schools spend $15,464 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 13 pupils per teacher, 491 students per librarian, and 479 children per counselor.

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