Zip 96779 (Paia, HI) Education


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The education in 96779 Paia, HI is highly rated and has been known for its excellent learning opportunities. It offers a variety of public schools, as well as private and charter schools, all of which strive to provide quality instruction to their students. The local schools are well-equipped with modern technology and other resources that allow students to excel academically. In addition, the state provides educational programs that offer career guidance and mentoring opportunities. Furthermore, the community has experienced teachers who are committed to helping every student reach their full potential. Overall, the education in 96779 Paia, HI is an environment that fosters academic excellence and encourages students to achieve their goals.

Paia (zip 96779) schools spend $12,557 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 16 pupils per teacher, 770 students per librarian, and 299 children per counselor.

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