Zip 20794 (Jessup, MD) Education


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The education in Jessup, MD (postal code 20794) is well-regarded by locals and outsiders alike. The schools in the area have excellent ratings, with many of the local teachers taking an active role in their students’ success. Additionally, the local community places a high priority on quality education for their children, providing ample resources and support to enhance learning opportunities for all who live within the boundaries of its school district. Through collaborative efforts between families, teachers, administrators, and staff, student achievement remains strong and continues to improve year after year. The local education system works hard to ensure that every student has access to quality instruction and resources needed to reach their potential through rigorous coursework and individualized learning plans. As such, Jessup provides a great environment for all children to receive a quality educational experience.

Jessup (zip 20794) schools spend $17,082 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 14 pupils per teacher, 340 students per librarian, and 359 children per counselor.

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