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Utica, Michigan (48315) is a great place to raise a family and provide them with an excellent education. The local education system is highly rated due to the dedication of the teachers and administrators involved in providing quality instruction to students. The majority of public schools have achieved high ratings from GreatSchools, which is an independent organization responsible for providing information on K-12 school performance across the United States. In addition, there are several private schools in 48315 that offer students a variety of educational opportunities. Through these institutions, parents can make sure their children are getting the best possible education, as well as providing them with knowledge and experiences that will be valuable for years to come. With excellent educational resources at their disposal, students in Utica have access to some of the best learning environments in Michigan.

Utica (zip 48315) schools spend $10,104 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 20 pupils per teacher, 28,145 students per librarian, and 806 children per counselor.

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