Zip 17842 (Middleburg, PA) Education


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United States / Pennsylvania / Selinsgrove Metro Area / Snyder County / No City / Middleburg (zip 17842)
The education in 17842 Middleburg, PA is highly rated. Local schools in the area are well-respected and provide a quality education for students. The school system in this area is well-funded and strives to create learning environments that promote the growth of pupils. The teachers here are caring and dedicated to providing an enriching educational experience for all students. A variety of opportunities are available within the local school district, making it a desirable place to send your children for an excellent learning environment. Additionally, there are many activities available in the community which further extend learning outside of the classroom and encourage socialization and exploration among young minds. Overall, 17842 Middleburg, PA is a great place to receive an exceptional education.

Middleburg (zip 17842) schools spend $17,810 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 14 pupils per teacher, 367 students per librarian, and 314 children per counselor.

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