Zip 16866 (Philipsburg, PA) Education


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United States / Pennsylvania / State College Metro Area / Centre County / No City / Philipsburg (zip 16866)
The education in 16866 Philipsburg, PA is highly rated and respected by many in the area. The schools in this town have an excellent reputation for providing quality education to their students, and this is reflected in their ratings. Many of the locals take great pride in their schools, as evidenced by the amount of support they offer both financially and through volunteer work. Parents can be assured that their children are receiving a great education from well-respected educators at these local schools. The community also provides strong support for local educational initiatives such as partnerships with nearby universities and technical colleges, allowing students to explore various educational opportunities right in their own backyard.

Philipsburg (zip 16866) schools spend $24,650 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 12 pupils per teacher, 356 students per librarian, and 356 children per counselor.

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