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The education in 37013 Antioch, TN is highly rated and well-respected in the area. Local schools such as JT Moore Middle School and Antioch High School have excellent ratings from both parents and students alike, offering a wide range of courses and extra-curricular activities to enrich the learning experience. The teachers at these schools are highly experienced and knowledgeable and are invested in helping their students reach their highest potential. The district also offers numerous opportunities for its students to engage with community members through various volunteer programs. Through these initiatives, students become active members of their local communities while developing a sense of civic responsibility. Furthermore, the district has implemented several programs that focus on student health and wellness with the goal of creating an environment where all children can learn successfully. All in all, 37013 Antioch, TN is an excellent choice for families looking for high quality public education for their children.

Antioch (zip 37013) schools spend $10,392 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 15 pupils per teacher, 374 students per librarian, and 249 children per counselor.

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