Zip 05478 (Saint Albans, VT) Education


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The education in 05478 Saint Albans, VT offers a variety of educational opportunities and is highly rated. Schools in the area have received high marks from sources such as, testifying to the quality of instruction and resources available. Students are provided with a diverse range of courses to choose from, including advanced placement classes for those who wish to get ahead. The local community also offers adult education programs that can be used to gain additional qualifications or simply to enhance knowledge on a specific subject. With access to excellent teachers and supportive teaching staff, students have the opportunity to excel academically and develop their skills beyond the classroom.

Saint Albans (zip 05478) schools spend $14,991 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 10 pupils per teacher, 388 students per librarian, and 194 children per counselor.

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