Zip 24313 (Barren Springs, VA) Education


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United States / Virginia / No Metro Area / Wythe County / No City / Barren Springs (zip 24313)
The education in 24313 Barren Springs, VA is highly rated, with local schools receiving some of the best marks in the state. The local educational institutions prioritize a quality education for all their students and have a strong commitment to helping each child reach their goals. They have a variety of curriculums and programs to accommodate different learning styles, ages, and abilities. Additionally, there are plenty of after-school activities available to keep students engaged and excited about learning. The community also strongly supports the schools by providing mentorship opportunities, financial support, and other resources. As a result of such dedication and commitment from both parents and educators, the students in 24313 Barren Springs, VA are thriving academically.

Barren Springs (zip 24313) schools spend $9,569 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 15 pupils per teacher, 212 students per librarian, and 395 children per counselor.

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