Zip 24613 (Falls Mills, VA) Education


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United States / Virginia / Bluefield Metro Area / Tazewell County / No City / Falls Mills (zip 24613)
The education in 24613 Falls Mills, VA is highly rated. According to a recent survey, the local schools in the area are known for their dedication to providing quality instruction and support for students. The teachers are experienced and have a good reputation among parents and students alike. The curricula also follows the Virginia state standards, helping to prepare students for college readiness. In addition, all classes offered by the schools feature a diverse array of activities to help ensure that students are exposed to a variety of topics. All in all, the education in 24613 Falls Mills, VA is top notch and provides a great foundation for learning.

Falls Mills (zip 24613) schools spend $9,046 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 15 pupils per teacher, 451 students per librarian, and 462 children per counselor.

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