Zip 53577 (Plain, WI) Education


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The education in Plain, WI 53577 is highly rated with excellent schools and dedicated teachers. The local education system provides students with a range of activities to help them excel academically. There are numerous extracurricular programs available to students, such as music classes, theater productions and sports teams. The schools in the area also offer advanced placement courses for those wishing to pursue college-level learning. In addition to academic excellence, there is a strong emphasis on preparing students for life beyond the classroom with career guidance, job placement assistance and volunteer opportunities. Students have access to technology resources including computers and internet access which allow them to connect with the world beyond their own community. Overall, Plain, WI 53577 offers an exceptional educational environment that fosters growth and development in its students.

Plain (zip 53577) schools spend $12,631 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 13 pupils per teacher, 488 students per librarian, and 334 children per counselor.

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