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Tilden, KS is a small rural community with a population of approximately 1,000 people. While there are no hospitals located in Tilden itself, there are several medical facilities that offer services in the area. These include doctors' offices, clinics, and urgent care centers. In addition to the medical facilities available in Tilden, there are also several pharmacies and other health-related businesses that provide health care services throughout the area. Health care providers in Tilden strive to meet the needs of their local community by offering quality services at affordable prices. Patients can expect to find a variety of treatments and procedures offered from these local facilities including routine checkups and preventative measures such as vaccinations. With excellent medical facilities and a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, Tilden is committed to providing quality healthcare for all its residents.

The health of a city has many different factors. It can refer to air quality, water quality, risk of getting respiratory disease or cancer. The people you live around can also affect your health as some places have lower or higher rates of physical activity, increased alcohol intake, smoking, obesity, and cancer rates.

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