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The housing market in Plainview, NY is one of the most desirable places to live in the United States. The median value of homes in Plainview is $743,300, which is more than double the US House Median Value of $338,100. The US 1 year House Appreciation rate is 8.27% while the House 1 year appreciation rate in Plainview is 7.53%. This shows that real estate values in Plainview are appreciating at a slightly slower rate than the national average, indicating that it may be a better investment option for those looking to buy a home.

The median home cost in Plainview is $743,300. Home appreciation the last 10 years has been 80.6%. Home Appreciation in Plainview is up 14.4%.

Average Age of Homes
- The median age of Plainview real estate is 60 years old
The Rental Market in Plainview
- Renters make up 6.5% of the Plainview population
- 0.0% of houses and apartments in Plainview, are available to rent

Buying a home is the biggest single purchase most people make during their lives. The second largest is most often an automobile.

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