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In 35216 Vestavia Hills, AL, job growth is expected to be 18.04%, which is a much lower rate than the US average of 30.54%. The unemployment rate in Vestavia Hills is also quite low at 2.9% compared to the US average of 4.1%. This suggests that Vestavia Hills is an ideal location for people looking for employment opportunities as it has a growing job market and a low unemployment rate. Jobs in the area are likely to continue increasing in the near future, providing many options for those seeking work.

The unemployment rate in Vestavia Hills (zip 35216) is 1.9% (U.S. avg. is 6.0%)

You Should Know

- That Job Growth in Vestavia Hills (zip 35216) has been Positive.
- Jobs have Increased by 2.0% over the past year.
- The average salary in Vestavia Hills (zip 35216) is $65,803.
- The median home cost in Vestavia Hills (zip 35216) is $366,200

Job Helpful Resources

- Best paying jobs in Vestavia_Hills? Architecture, Engineering ($107,609)
- Worst paying jobs? Personal Care ($17,767)
- Highest paying industry jobs? Utilities ($115,313)
- Lowest paying industry jobs? Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation ($16,471)
- Average Income of Residents in Vestavia_Hills ($42,329) compared to USA ($37,638)
- The Unemployment Rate in Vestavia_Hills (1.9) is lower than USA (6)

Process of Job Search

View jobs in occupation categories below. It is important to join a job site search that offers legally protected status, inclusive workplace, and diverse and inclusive workplace if you're looking for work in Vestavia_Hills. A team that respects gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, and other legally protected status are important to look for.

Diverse and inclusive employers are looking for job seekers with a wide range of skills and experience. You can find jobs in Vestavia_Hills, Alabama that match your qualifications.

     JobsVestavia Hills, AlabamaUnited States
  Average Salary by OccupationVestavia Hills, AlabamaUnited States
  Business, Financial$61,875$68,299
  Computer, Math$78,824$87,306
  Architecture, Engineering$107,609$86,023
  Social Service$60,825$44,925
  Arts, Entertainment$42,478$43,591
  Health Practitioners$65,279$75,327
  Health Technicians$53,734$41,524
  Healthcare Support$24,844$25,441
  Fire Fighters$23,703$35,516
  Law Enforcement$62,675$64,941
  Food Prep, Serving$21,923$16,379
  Cleaning, Maintenance$31,293$23,378
  Personal Care$17,767$15,351
  Sales, Related$34,575$33,178
  Office Admin, Support$27,179$35,058
  Farming, Fishing, Forestry $25,716
  Construction, Extraction$35,022$41,315
  Maintence, Repair$45,129$48,436
  Material Moving$30,317$25,906
  Average Salary by IndustryVestavia Hills, AlabamaUnited States
  Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting $31,273
  Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction$65,955$74,432
  Wholesale Trade$58,605$51,301
  Retail Trade$27,737$26,757
  Transportation and Warehousing$26,250$43,256
  Finance and Insurance$76,250$65,016
  Real Estate and Rental and Leasing$52,958$46,406
  Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services$59,893$73,907
  Management of Companies and Enterprises $75,118
  Administrative and Support and Waste Services$24,692$30,687
  Educational Services$47,679$44,708
  Health Care and Social Assistance$45,168$40,852
  Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation$16,471$25,861
  Accommodation and Food Services$22,440$18,154
  Other Services$39,416$29,481
  Public Administration$41,860$61,644
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