Evansville, IN

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Evansville, IN

About Evansville, IN

Situated on the banks of the Ohio River, Evansville is the third-largest city in Indiana and home to a vibrant metropolitan area. Visitors can explore the city's quaint historic downtown district with its collection of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. Or they can wander through one of the many parks that offer scenic views and plenty of recreational activities. The city also hosts numerous festivals throughout the year that celebrate its unique culture and history. From art galleries to outdoor adventures and lively nightlife, Evansville offers something for everyone to enjoy. Medium-large metro area set in the rivers and rolling hills of the Great Lakes region. Primary industries include manufacturing and healthcare. - Located in southwest Indiana, along the Ohio River, 120 miles west of Louisville, Kentucky, and 160 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri..

Location Details

State: Indiana
County: Vanderburgh, Warrick, 3 total
Metro Area: Evansville Metro Area
City: Evansville, Mount Vernon, 16 total
Zip Codes: 47630, 47714, 47711, 47712, 47715, 47710, 47720, 47725, 47601, 47620, 21 total
Cost of Living: -18.6% lower
Time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Elevation: 387 ft above sea level
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Dig Deeper on Evansville

The Evansville, IN metro area is a place with a lot of stories from the past. It's in southwestern Indiana, right by the Kentucky border. This city got its start back in the early 19th century and quickly became important for moving goods along the Ohio River. Its location made it a key spot for trade and helped it grow big and strong.

The area around Evansville is really pretty, with rolling hills and lots of farms. The Ohio River runs along one side of the city, making for some beautiful views and fun things to do outside like boating and fishing. The weather here changes with the seasons, offering hot summers and mild winters, so there's a variety of weather to enjoy.

When it comes to jobs and making a living, Evansville has a mix of things going on. It's known for making things like car parts, medicine, and food products. Big companies like Toyota and Berry Global are here, providing lots of jobs. Healthcare is also a big deal, with several hospitals and medical centers. The city is a place where you can find work and the cost of living isn't too high, which is nice.

Politics in Evansville lean more towards the conservative side, with many people supporting Republican candidates. But, like any place, you'll find a range of political views among the people who live here. It's a community that cares about getting involved and making their voices heard.

Life in Evansville offers a good mix of city stuff and community vibes. There's a real sense of being part of a community here, with lots of local events and festivals happening throughout the year. You can enjoy art and culture at museums and theaters, or get outside and explore parks and trails. For sports fans, there are local teams to root for and recreational leagues to join.

If you're thinking about moving to Evansville, it's good to know that it's a welcoming place with a strong sense of history and community. The weather can bring hot summers and cold winters, so be ready for that. And, with the Ohio River so close by, it's a great spot for anyone who loves outdoor activities. Living here means being part of a close-knit community, where the cost of living is reasonable and there's always something to do or see.

Evansville Cost of Living

Affordable home prices, moderate winters, and excel health resources make Evansville a great place to live.

-78.3% lower than avg
-16.7% lower than avg
$970 /mo
Monthly rent (2br)
-47.4% lower than avg
Evansville Crime
40.8 / 100
Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low) to 100 (high). US average: 35.4
Minimum annual income
To live comfortably in Evansville, Indiana
for a family
for a single person
Pros & Cons of Evansville
   Affordable home prices
Uncomfortable humidity
   Moderate winters
Winter storms
   Excel health resources
Low growth
Cost of Living

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