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Coronavirus Resources

The whole world is in a state of upheaval with the current Covid-19 pandemic but luckily there are resources out there to make this difficult time just a little bit easier. We have compiled a list of supportive opportunities that help address various issues that may have arisen for you or loved ones as a result of this virus. Throughout the country, people are working very hard to make these supports available to citizens country-wide so we�d love to pass along our discoveries about what is available.

Health and Safety 

New York/virtually-  My Well Being Coronavirus Support

With loved ones potentially ill, finances getting tighter, and social distancing becoming the norm, there is no shame in experiencing depression, anxiety, existential stress, loneliness or whatever you or any loved ones may be feeling during this arduous coronavirus outbreak. Luckily, there are trained professionals out there who are tailoring a part of their practice to helping folks who are experiencing negative psychological effects of the coronavirus. There are virtual appointments available as well as sliding scale appointments with many therapists to choose from. Each one of them has a picture and short biography on the website associated with the link above!

 Country-wide- National Domestic Violence Hotline

One of the side effects of the corona virus that is the most upsetting is the fact that organizations that help domestic violence survivors say they have witnessed a surge in calls to crisis hotlines and a higher demand for emergency shelter as the coronavirus continues to spread. This public health emergency has unfortunately resulted in more people being confined to their homes which has lead to a huge increase in domestic violence. When people are isolated, domestic violence is much more likely to occur so the current climate of our world has created an environment where it has begun to increase drastically. If you or someone you know is experiencing or has experienced domestic violence and would like to seek support, there are many opportunities available including the National Domestic Violence Hotline. There are telephone calls and live chat options available and the hotline professionals can help survivors create safety plans, talk through their concerns, and more. 

Country-wide- Covid-19: Expanded Resource Center

 The media is currently bombarding us with an influx of information about Covid-19- some accurate and some not. Not sure which sources to trust? The Infectious Diseases Society of America has compiled a webpage with many resources ranging from podcasts, CDC and WHO information, medical journal entries, insurance coverage information, and more. 

Virtual/anywhere- CommUNITY Virtual Meditation, Yoga, and Support

Love yoga or meditation and bummed you�re not able to go to your local studio lately? CommUNITY Virtual Meditation, Yoga, and Support is offering many free virtual yoga classes to help you continue and maybe even deepen your practice. All the time and class options are posted on the Facebook page that can be found by clicking the link above! 



With the likelihood of covid-19 being transmitted among people in public spaces being so high, the unfortunate reality is that many restaurants and bars are closing down or at least switching to delivery-only or pick-up orders. The result of this is often service industry workers being laid off which can put them in a dire financial situation. If this sounds like you or someone you know, looking into the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program might be a great option. This program provides grants to people who fit the eligibility requirements posted on the website associated with the link above.

 If you are in a position to donate or would like to find charities to contact to help you or someone you know during the coronavirus crisis, we encourage you to check out the charities listed on the above website that are helping out with this worldwide issue. The website rates the charities, provides their mission, and a comprehensive description of their services and how they have performed in the past. 

Covid-19 has and will continue to pose financial burdens for many across the world but this burden can hit especially hard for many individuals specifically, including students. Scholly has organized a Student Relief Fund to help during this unprecedented time. By simply filling out an easy application that usually takes two minutes or less, students will be entered as an applicant to potentially receive $200 for food, medical needs, and other necessities. 

Out of a job due to Covid-19 or know somebody who is currently searching for a job? Indeed.com is hosting a free webinar called �Navigating the Job Search During Covid-19� to help out with this task! The webinar will help people who register with tips for how to find work quick, impress employers in a virtual interview setting, and learn methods for how to find remote positions. Simply register at the link provided above to access this great opportunity which is being offered on March 31st at 12 pm Central Time.


Food and Nutrition 

Too tired to cook or simply want to enjoy the delicacy of a meal from one of your favorite restaurants? Thankfully UberEats, an app that delivers your food to your home from your restaurant of choice, has waived their delivery fee! Choose from thousands of local restaurants and enjoy your favorite food in the comfort and safety of your own place. 

Social distancing can definitely feel isolating and food insecurity can worsen this feeling. Luckily, there are several food banks scattered throughout the U.S. that are responding to a growing need for nourishment during this difficult time. *Note, there are many other food banks in other areas that are offering similar options, these are just a few of them.*

  1. New York: Food Bank for New York City (https://www.foodbanknyc.org/), The Campaign Against Hunger (https://www.tcahnyc.org/), New York Common Pantry (http://nycommonpantry.org/)
  2. Los Angeles- Westside Food Bank (http://www.westsidefoodbankca.org/), Los Angeles Regional Food Bank (https://www.lafoodbank.org/), Project Angel Food (https://www.angelfood.org/), Hollywood Food Coalition (https://hofoco.org/), Baby2Baby (https://baby2baby.org/)
  3. The Bay Area: Second Harvest of Silicon Valley (https://www.shfb.org/), Alameda County Community Food Bank (https://www.accfb.org/), SF Marin Food Bank (https://www.sfmfoodbank.org/), Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano (https://www.foodbankccs.org/), Berkeley Food Pantry (https://www.berkeleyfoodpantry.org/)

Staying at home whenever possible during the covid-19 pandemic is a smart choice so luckily there are many delivery grocery services out there! Thespruceeats.com has created a list of seven of the best options ranging from offerings that are best budget-wise to the best for a personalized experience and in between!



While we�re all at home social distancing or quarantining, we wanted to remind you that we have a board game to help you through this time! With beautifully illustrated cards, coins, and a premium board to help you learn about places without having to visit them, the BestPlaces board game is the perfect activity to stay entertained during this difficult time. Available on Amazon and eligible for free shipping through Amazon Prime! 

 Led by Bea Manger, writer and founder of BrandSalt,  this virtual happy hour hosted every Friday provides a community to chat about all things creative! Free to join, it is a great way to build community and stay connected while social isolating and nurturing your creativity in the process. 

Duolingo provides free language learning through an app format that helps kids and adults learn a language through mini game-like exercises. It motivates you to keep learning through it�s �streak� feature that tracks the number of days you�ve reached your point goal. Not a fan of the ads? Subscribe to premium for $10 a month and get downloadable lessons too! 

With all this time indoors, now is the perfect time to pick up a creative hobby or deepen your practice! The Art Sherpa offers energetic, free, easy to follow tutorials on YouTube that are great for adults and children alike. There are many other art tutorials available on the site, this is just one of the hundreds of options out there!


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