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The Best Places For Lovers Of Live Music

With music being a passion for many in the US, the drive to find events and places that suit their musical interests is high for many Americans. If this sounds like you, luckily we�ve compiled a list of some of the best places in the United States for those that want to enjoy live music! 

New Orleans

New Orleans is known by many as �the birthplace of jazz�. Ever since the 19th century, many have been gathering to sing, dance, and play drums in Congo Square. Here these individuals have enjoyed combining colorful African rhythms with the sounds of Europe to produce the beautiful American art form of jazz. One intimate favorite in the area is Bacchanal Wine, which boasts live jazz in a backyard patio with DIY wine and cheese upon entry. For those who are looking for a more grandiose venue, Maison with live jazz 7 days a week on 3 floors and 3 stages is sure to please. 


Memphis, considered to be the birthplace of rock and roll, is the place that discovered and raised Elvis Presley and B.B. King! There is a great mix of both legendary music establishments as well as newer ones with a fresh take on what live music should be. One spot to check out is the original B.B King�s Blues Club, situated at the top of Beale Street. This eatery serves delectable barbecue that�s sure to energize the music lover in anyone. The original Lafayette�s Music Room in Overton Square, the first venue to host Billy Joel, KISS, and Barry Manilow,  is another must-see with an easy-going feel that offers locally brewed beer and nachos. 

New York City

Identified by many as a hip-hop haven, New York is a destination where many varieties of music can be enjoyed. In order to really delve into the rich culture of the city, a few of the best places to check out are Harlem, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. Many sounds, beats, and rhymes combine here to create a beautiful form of art that can be composed solely from a microphone. The classic Apollo Theater, a great place to experience live hip hop performances and the Red Rooster restaurant with live jazz music, tasty cornbread, and a friendly crowd are just a couple of the opportunities available here. 


The home of Pearl Jam and Nirvana, Seattle is famous for its grunge scene which began flourishing in the early 1990�s. Since then, electronica and underground hip hop have been a huge part of what the music scene in Seattle is all about. With stained glass windows and large arches that soar above hardwood floors, Chapel Performance Space is known for showcasing classical, jazz and experimental/ambient music.  Another go-to with a mezzanine and balcony is Neumos which has hosted bands like The Shins, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and MGMT


Where soulful Motown sounds started, Detroit also is where The Belleville Three started mixing more technology into music in the 1980�s in an inventive way that hadn�t been explored before. Techno was born here and is still a large component of Detroit�s musical culture. A popular event in town at Detroit�s riverfront destination Hart Plaza, the Movement Electronic Music Festival, occurs annually and will take place from May 23rd to 25th in 2020.  In addition, ever since 1928, the Fox Theatre has been available as a host of many big-name pop, country, and rock performances with a layout and visual elements that make each show feel extra special. 


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