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The Find Your Best Place Quiz

We're kicking the 2020's off with the much-awaited release of our brand new Find Your Best Place Quiz. 

The Find Your Best Place quiz is the ultimate resource to find the best place for you to live.

Newly rebuilt, the FYBP quiz leverages data and location intelligence to produce a carefully crafted and personalized list of Metropolitan areas based on your responses.

As a BestPlaces member, this new quiz is available to you today. Later this year, we'll release an expanded premium version that also produces a list of each metro area's best cities and zip codes.

Step 1 of the FYBP Quiz


BestPlaces Founder and President offers his insight:

"I'm really excited about our new Find Your Best Place web tool!  
We've hit the sweet spot, combining our famous location intelligence with an easy to use interface. We've spent a year just on the development and tuning so that it finds cities and towns that you may never have considered but could be your perfect place.
Define your new dream home with a few clicks to indicate your interests, lifestyle and budget, and even choose what states to include (or exclude) in your search.  Then we use your preferences to rank all 383 metro areas across more than 100 data points, and present you with a list of the top places.
As BestPlaces registered user, you have immediate access to the new Find Your Best Place feature. Click here to try it today, and let me know what you think."

Step 2

We�ve been the Best Places to Live experts for quite a while. It�s what we do. Private companies, Insurers, Schools, Fortune 1000 companies all use our data to inform their decisions. 

Our new Find Your Best Place Quiz is an easily consumable, ready to use culmination of all that expertise, and we invite you to try it today
As always, if you have a question or feedback don't hesitate to reach out.

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