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Putnam, AL is a small rural community located in the state of Alabama with a population of 21 people. The US population density for Putnam is 7.06 people per square mile, as compared to a US population density of 93.29 people per square mile. Despite its small size, Putnam offers many different year-round outdoor activities, like canoeing and fishing on Big Nance Creek, trail riding on Horse Creek Trail, and bird watching at Ross Lake Wildlife Management Area. There are several local businesses in Putnam that serve the community including The Bull Pen Restaurant & Barbeque and Puett Lumber Company. Additionally, there are several organizations in the area such as the Putnam Community Center and Putnam Baptist Church that provide residents with support and resources. Every August locals join together to watch the annual Alabama BBQ Championship held in Putnam which features barbeque competitions from all over the state.

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