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Tumacacori-Carmen, AZ is a small town located in Santa Cruz County, Arizona. The population of Tumacacori-Carmen is 86 people with a population density of 144 people per square mile. In comparison to the US population of 329,725,481 and a population density of 93 people per square mile, the town of Tumacacori-Carmen is relatively small with a close knit community.
The town offers great local businesses such as Marge’s restaurant which serves delicious Mexican cuisine making it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. Other local businesses include Pancho’s Barbershop for haircuts and shaves, J&J Market which provides fresh produce and other grocery items, and Nancy’s Taqueria for authentic Mexican flavors.
Year round outdoor activities can be found in Tumacacori-Carmen including hiking on the trails in the Coronado National forest or visiting Tumacácori National Historical Park where visitors can view historic churches from Spanish Missionary times. For fishing enthusiasts there are several spots along the Santa Cruz River that offer great catches.
The town also has many organizations such as Common Ground Community Garden which works to promote healthy eating habits within the community by providing access to fresh produce and education programs about organic gardening. Additionally, OASIS Adult Day Health Care provides services that enrich the physical, mental, and social functioning of adults living with chronic illnesses and disabilities in the area.
Local sporting events such as basketball games take place at Amos Valenzuela Middle School Court where teams from around the area come to compete. These events brings together neighbors from all parts of town in an atmosphere full of energy and school spirit.

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