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Alamota, KS is a small rural town located in the southwest region of Kansas. With a population of only 65 people, it has a low population density of 0 people per square mile. Despite its small size, Alamota is home to many local businesses and year-round outdoor activities for visitors and residents alike. Businesses include Farmers Co-Op Grain & Feed Supply, which offers supplies and services to farmers in the area, and Delores’s Diner which serves homemade traditional dishes. Outdoor activities vary from hunting and fishing in nearby creeks and lakes to visiting one of the many state parks within driving distance. Organizations such as 4-H clubs also provide programs that help educate children on farming and agriculture while fostering leadership skills. Local sporting events include softball tournaments at the Civic Center as well as annual rodeos at the High School Stadium during summer months. All this makes Alamota an attractive destination for travelers looking for a quiet getaway or weekend adventure.

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