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High Forest, MN People


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High Forest, MN is a small town located in Minnesota with a population of 146. The town has a population density of 131 people per square mile, compared to the US Population Density of 93 People per Square Mile. High Forest is home to several local businesses such as Old Town Deli Cafe, Joyce’s Emporium, and Moonstone Art Gallery. Residents have plenty of outdoor activities to choose from year-round, including hiking and biking trails at nearby Riverside State Park, fishing, kayaking on the lake, and golfing at the High Forest Golf Course. The town also has many organizations and clubs like the High Forest Quilters Guild and the High Forest Garden Club for residents to join. For sports fans, there are local sporting events like basketball and soccer games throughout the year at nearby schools.

   Estimated Total Population by Age

  PeopleHigh Forest, MinnesotaUnited States
Population - 2010 309327143
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