Jackson, Michigan 

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Jackson Ranked
#6 America's Most (and Least) Stressful Cities (117 Smallest Metro Areas)
Between international terrorism and a struggling economy, today’s Americans are faced with more stress than ever. In this new st... Read More

Jackson Ranked
#19 America's Migraine Hot Spots
Everybody gets a headache now and then, but did you know that the severe headaches known as migraines affect over 29 million Am... Read More

Jackson Ranked
#245 2005 Best Places to Live
2005 Best Places to Live Study.... Read More

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Reviews for Jackson    33 Reviews
STAY OUT THE JAK!!!!!!!!!!! - 3/27/2021
I lived in Jackson for a long time I lived on 1st and 3rd Street right over by Frank's party store before that b**** burnt down. My dad and I would sit out on the front... Read More

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Butthole of Michigan - 2/23/2019
I spent 20 years of my life fighting for freedom only to buy a second home in Jackson, biggest mistake of my life, and have the rights I fought for take away by a... Read More

A nightmare town you need to avoid - 9/16/2018
Never never ever move to this town! I was born there, grew up around there, made the tragic mistake of moving back there once and will never ever set foot there again!... Read More

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