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Northfield, MI is a small city located in Oakland County. It has an estimated population of 11,390 and it ranked #42 out of 541 cities in Michigan in the 2020 BestPlaces rankings. Northfield ranks highly for amenities and health related factors such as crime, employment, education and housing. The city boasts a low cost of living and strong job market with many local employers offering great pay and benefits. Northfield also offers plenty of recreational activities for residents to enjoy such as parks, trails, golf courses and swimming pools. Additionally, the quality of schools is top-notch with high graduation rates and students continuing their education at higher levels around the country. All these factors have helped make Northfield one of the best places to live in Michigan for 2020.

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Northfield Ranked
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Northfield Ranked
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Northfield Ranked
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Northfield Ranked
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