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Rhode Island is a state known for its beautiful coastlines, colonial architecture, and historical significance. It is also home to a diverse population and thriving economy. The bestplaces rankings of the Rhode Island State show that it is an overall great place to live. It ranks high in factors such as cost of living, crime rate, diversity, education level, job market, and quality of life. Rhode Island has some of the country's highest median household incomes and lowest unemployment rates. The crime rate in the state is lower than the national average and its education system produces graduates with among the highest test scores in America. With its strong economy and safe environment, it is no wonder why so many people choose to make Rhode Island their home.

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Over 3 years ago

Never been and don't want to, also quohog from family guy isn't  More

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I've already been here just less than two weeks and I can tell you now, I will NOT EVER intentionally travel to this state again. I cannot understand where all the  More

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Over 7 years ago

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