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United States / Pennsylvania / DuBois Metro Area / Clearfield County / No City / Osceola Mills (zip 16666)

16666 Osceola Mills, PA has a population of 1,372 people and is ranked #14,082 in the BestPlaces rankings. The crime rate here is low with a safety rating of 62 out of 100. The public schools are rated very well with an A+ score overall. The cost of living in 16666 Osceola Mills, PA is higher than the national average but still remains affordable. There are plenty of amenities in the area such as parks and recreation centers that make it an ideal city for families. The median household income is above the state average giving locals more purchasing power than most. All in all, 16666 Osceola Mills, PA offers great value to those looking to live in a safe place with good schools and access to amenities that can provide for a comfortable lifestyle.

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