Zip 04260 (New Gloucester, ME) Religion


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New Gloucester, ME (04260) is home to a number of small and large religious congregations. The churches in the area are mostly Protestant, including Baptist, Lutheran, and Methodist denominations. There are also some Catholic churches in the area that serve the local community. The churches in New Gloucester host numerous weekly events and services, such as Bible study groups, Sunday school classes for children, youth group activities, Vacation Bible School programs, and special services for holidays like Easter and Christmas. The churches also host outreach programs such as soup kitchens during winter months and summer camping programs for local children. Additionally, many of the churches in New Gloucester offer support groups for people facing difficult situations such as illness or addiction. In this way, local religious congregations provide a place of comfort and stability to those living in New Gloucester.

28.7% of the people in New Gloucester (zip 04260) are religious:
- 1.0% are Baptist
- 1.7% are Episcopalian
- 13.8% are Catholic
- 0.7% are Lutheran
- 1.7% are Methodist
- 0.8% are Pentecostal
- 3.4% are Presbyterian
- 0.7% are Church of Jesus Christ
- 3.0% are another Christian faith
- 0.7% are Judaism
- 0.4% are an eastern faith
- 0.3% affilitates with Islam

According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world.
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